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How to use Resilio Sync - Legendary Aurora - 03-08-2022

Quick guide to setup Resilio Sync in your PC

P.S. Installation in other devices (Linux, Mac, or Mobile) are pretty much the same, you just install it, setup a basic resilio sync id and then start downloading

1. Download Resilio Sync client use the free version

2. Launch Setup

3. Choose your setting, then click Next

[Image: image.png]

You may enable Start Resilio Sync on boot or install as Windows service if you like it, once you click Next and the installation is finished, You will greeted with Welcome to Sync menu.

4. Now input your device name, accept the agreement and click Get Started

[Image: image.png]

5. Once this done, close the newsletter subscription pop-up

6. And you're done, welcome to Resilio Sync

[Image: image.png]

Once you have Resilio Sync client installed, go to download thread and click the download link at there, You will have a prompt to launch the client app to start adding folder.

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

That's it, you're done, now only need to wait the files finish downloading.

[Image: image.png]