[Important] About Animegrimoire Releases
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Exclamation  03-08-2022, 09:54 PM -
For now I used Telegram[1][2] as primary releases method.

Resilio-sync links are used as backup / fallback in case of telegram getting nuked or something.

Current Discord is used for primary notification / chats. this forum only serve as backup.

Reuploads are using mirrorcreator, telegram, and rsync (if you wish the files delivered to your server).

I am not dealing with free cloud hosting bullshitery anymore, It's simply not worth the effort, and i can't possibly maintain 30+ titles per season on those accounts on my own.

If you want to help encodes, make sure you follow animegrimoire guidelines properly. Upload them on some cloud storage on your own, I will backup them later (preferably in end of the airing episodes), plus I will push them to 2nd telegram channel.

Our endgame are distributing these materials using P2P network. If you are looking for a way to help, please contribute to IPFS Project.

Feel free to ask questions about releases method by posting below. suggestions & rants also welcome!

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