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Since commit dd45f072cd68808f and 44dcc38a I figured out on how to share certain folder only using resilio-sync. well this is useful in case you just want to download certain titles, but don't want the trouble to download whole season, or all of event-horizon file.

to ask for a customized link just post your desired title e.g.
- Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai S3
- Spy x Family
- Waccha PriMagi!


If you want to see available title you should check in current releases tree, grimoire archive or in encoding db (useful to check current no-record encodes).

Yes you are allowed to ask something from archive, the catch is, for no-record files (it will marked as DISCARD) will only available on their respective airing season. If you're late just give it up since I will not re-encode them ever again.

[Image: discard.png]

Just like the usual, if you're asking from anything that outside of airing titles please provide a reason why would want to watch it.

Make a short explanation or some memes that makes you want to watch it, I will discard your request if you failed this requirement. It's the bare minimum that you have to do, to prove you're an actual human beans.
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