How to use Resilio Sync

Quick guide to setup Resilio Sync in your PC

P.S. Installation in other devices (Linux, Mac, or Mobile) are pretty much the same, you just install it, setup a basic resilio sync id and then start downloading

  1. Download Resilio Sync client use the free version
  2. Launch Setup
  3. Choose your setting, then click Next

You may enable Start Resilio Sync on boot or install as Windows service if you like it, once you click Next and the installation is finished, You will greeted with Welcome to Sync menu.

  1. Now input your device name, accept the agreement and click Get Started
  1. Once this done, close the newsletter subscription pop-up
  1. And you're done, welcome to Resilio Sync

That's it.

#Instruction below is outdated, but it's still the same routine. you open the download link from info thread, and then add it to your Resilio Sync Client

Now let's download your very first anime. from left Dashboard you click Content -> View Pages or just click them from Overview "Recent Pages"

And then click the provided link, you will redirected to Resilio Sync page later

After the link opened, you'll have your windows launching a pop-up to automatically link it to your Resilio Sync client

Click Open Link, it will automatically launch your Client and then you only have to setup a simple folder where you want to put it on. click Connect

If you are putting it in not-empty folder, it will put one more notice, click OK

That's it, you're done, now only need to wait the files finish downloading.

Now the files is available in your desktop, make sure you put the folder somewhere properly next time

If you move your downloaded files somewhere else, Resilio will send you an error notice.

Click it

Then you may choose Ignore if you are sure the files is finised downloading and could be played just fine

Remember, this change is irreversible, once you done it you will not receive old files that already downloaded, unless you remove the sync folder from Resilio completely and manually add it again. Do Not move any files until you are 100% they're completed.

Now you have done fucked up and need to re-sync it, let's remove the old folder

Right click to launch folder options, and then select Remove

Now you may click the download link like earlier, or you can paste that link manually in your resilio too. click the + button and enter link

on link form, paste the resilio link

Once you click Next, the folder setup is there and you're done.

Let me know if you've got any question