Frequently Asked Questions

How do i download your anime releases for free?

See DOWNLOAD tab, you may use our Telegram Channel or Resilio Sync links

I want to download your files, it's from your old archive. how do i do this?

If you don't find any of download link here you should ask for reupload.

I have heard 'this' anime is good, why don't you have it in your releases?

Bring it up in chat and explain why 'this' anime is interesting, or worthy to us to re-encode this anime. Post a cropped GIF memes if you will, if you can't spill any words to elaborate then we'll pretty much ignore your request

I want to produce a re-encode like yours, what should i do?

See Encoder tab, everything is there. No secrets, no trickery

How did you get funded to get this project running? Is it cheap?

It is probably cheap. we're running a Dedicated Server for encoding server and a Storage VPS to manage most of our files. there's one separated server as Command and Control but i guess it doesn't really matter. Aurora Team has an ongoing well-funded research in Video Steganography within Javascript Sandbox and WebAssembly Environment. That is where the money comes from.

I want to help with encoding stuff or donating. did you need any?

Currently we has no proper Standardverfahren / standard operating procedure on how to actually let other people help us. Maybe you could just download the encoder, do a re-encode and upload the files while we're archiving them, of course you still has to follow our bare minimum like watermark and file naming convention.
Other options such as you just had to deploy our VM in a restricted environment and let us setup everything we need to begin encoding is not yet discussed.

You may help us by donating in our patreon page. Or you could share our site to your friends, We've been surviving since 2016 without any effort to advertise us properly. It's always our downloader who tell others, so i guess we owe you one

I have downloaded your files, do you mind if i open a paid streaming service with it?

We hardly give a damn for this matter. Do it on your own risk, if you want to charge remarkably low inttellectual creature for streaming service, then go for it. Well, the bandwidth won't be free afterall.
We just want to point out that we are explicitly refuse any form of affiliation / partnership with any streaming services. Our entire Animegrimoire project were meant free to access, it was never about making profit. We're still in same ideology from our era