Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question #

Q: How do I download your anime releases?

A: We are currently utilizing syncthing and resilio-sync. If you require the link or ID pairing, please visit our Discord or Telegram.

Q: I saw you on some site/social media site. Is that really you?

A: If any profile ain’t linked in our contact section, it ain’t us.

Q: I want to download your files, it’s from your old archive. how do I do this?

A: If you can find any of the files in our Archive, you should ask for re-upload in our discord or telegram.

Q: I have heard that ’this’ anime is good. Why is it not included in your releases?

A: Just mention it in the chat to tell us why this anime is cool or worth re-encoding. Share a funny GIF meme if you can’t explain it in words, but if you can’t say anything more, we’ll probably ignore your request.

Q: I want to produce a re-encode like yours, what should I do?

A: See our GitLab repository, everything is there.

Q: How did you get funded to get this project running? Is it cheap?

A: It’s most likely cheap. We have a Dedicated Server for encoding server and two Storage VPS to handle most of our files. No need to talk about donations here, we’d rather shut down this project in a second than beg for money.

Q: I want to help with encoding stuff or donating. did you need any?

A: In short, No.

A: Currently, we do not have a proper standard operating procedure for allowing others to assist us. But you can download or make the encoder using our Dockerfile, do a re-encode, and upload the files while we’re archiving them. Just make sure you follow our basic rules, like adding a watermark and using our file naming style. Right now, you can also share our site with your friends. We haven’t really advertised since 2016, but we’re still going strong thanks to our downloader who spreads the word. So, we really appreciate your help with that.

Q: I have downloaded your files, do you mind if I open a paid streaming service with it?

A: We hardly give a damn for this matter. Do it on your own risk. If you want to charge remarkably low intellectual creature for streaming service, then go for it. Well, the bandwidth won’t be free after all. We want to make it clear that we do not want any kind of affiliation or partnership with any streaming services. Our Animegrimoire project was always intended to be free for everyone to access, and it was never about making a profit. We still hold the same ideology as we did during our era.